City Cos®

The implementation of the system varies from city to city, and City Cos® does technical analyses to determine its viability.


1 — Reduces getting lost (63% of those surveyed);
2 — Increases security, as insecurity is experienced by those lost. Consequently the city’s reputation improves and the city’s tourism and economy flourishes;
3 — Urban planning (public security, health services, urban cleaning, mobility and transport, housing and heritage, tourist routes, etc.);
4 — Autonomous use by blind and deaf-mute people, among others;
5 — Assists tourists who don’t speak the local language;
6 — Supports children and adults with limited vocabulary to allow them to quickly communicate their location;
7 — Improves ecological behaviour by reducing materials and resources;
8 — Motivates mental exercise, instead of delegating this to the digital. The brain becomes the technology — the technology becomes biological.

Consult us to partner in implementing the City Cos® system in your city.

advantages of City Cos advantages of City Cos

Conventional models versus City Cos® – Coordinate Orientation System
Positioning via satellite (GPS) City Cos® (“HUMAN GPS”)
Smartphone Required Not required
Smartphone with digital map Required Signage required, works with paper or digital maps, but also without maps.
Charged battery Required Not required
Data reception, Wi-Fi, roaming Required Not required
Security — unsafe in certain cities to use smartphones in the street
Required Not required
Comfort — in cold cities it is necessary to use appropriate gloves to use a smartphone Required Not required